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Quality Management

Micro support Macro 「Smaller, Lightly, Durably,then high accuracy」

Be proud of being diminutive. We are the engineering group that beyond a general concept of fastening parts. We believe that, we are able to support your idea passible that is as small as you wish to, quickly and efficiently for the new assigment.
Even huge high tech engineerings are supported by respective partial products. So those partial products of micro technology are what we can bring to your future.

Approaching QC issues is to promote a positive attitude toward new technologies by every occasion.

ISO management

For our quality control, all our domestic factory acquire ISO9002:2004 in April 1999 and shifted ISO9001:2008.
IN July 2005, Achived ISO14001:2004 which works on enviroment problem seriously.

Our CSR principles

Union Seimitsu believe of which pursuing ethics by the company's practice based on respect rules and regulation is only way to build up company's own sense of values and first step to the contribution to our society.

Environmental management

As our recognition to environmental protection is to be the first priority and essential matters.
So we manage to encourage every employee to deal with environmental problems to offer you environmental-friendly products.

ISO14001:2004Environmental policy

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