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  • Precision and machine screws
  • Special purpose heading product
  • Thread rolling product
  • Licensed products
  • Special surface treatment
  • Loose tight effect products
  • Screw Manufacturing Machines



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Union Seimitsu is a precision fastening parts manufacturer, mainly supply micro screws for precision equipments.Also dealing with the special products that is based on customer's demand since our inception.We have been doing its best facing to what customer's needs are.

To offer practical solutions to thought out design, we maintain full in-house machining and function to meet conformity of customized product.
Union Seimitsu can support your global expanding plan using our resource of over seas.
For the promotion of future precision engineerings, we collaborate with academically institutes to develop innovative solution that been able to deliver to your hands.
We focus on customer's needs into production, such as short time due, cost efficiency, reliability. Please feel free to contact us.

Union Seimitsu is the engineering group, be proud of being diminutive

Smaller, Lightly, Durably, High accuracy ever.

For its presence demand of micro engineering world, we try its best to deliver precision engineering solutions more than your expectation
Even huge high tech engineerings are supported by respective partial products.
So those partial product of micro technology is what we can bring to your future. As ISO certified maker, our company does its utmost to create new idea and better steps on QC management in everyday life.

Union Seimitsu deeply hundle environmental matters

An action to protect environmental matter is the first priority of mankind.

However, Union Seimitsu manage to encourage every employees dealing environmental activities to offer an environmental-friendly products for every occasion.

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